Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Small Town Life

As I am unfamiliar with small town country life, I occasionally find certain things that happen unusual. I finally had my well and the new tank working well, maybe I should say pretty good, since I still can't use my dishwasher without it having a problem with water pressure. It stops with lots of flashing lights and a code telling me to call a repairman. I go to the circuit breakers, turn it off and on and start it again on the quick cycle. It usually gets through the second time. The rest of the pump functions were working well. I went out to the barn to get some hay for the cattle and noticed the pump panel had the red light signifying low pressure. I called the pump guy, who came out to check what was going on. It had been working when he left, the week before. He checked the voltage going to the panel and found it was very low, so he had me call the electric company. The electric company came out and everything on their side checked out ok. That meant something had happened with the new wiring by the garage pad, which provides the power to the barn. I called my electrician, a sweet local guy who could have retired years ago but just loves what the does and who he does it for. He came out tested his box and figured it had to have something to do where they dug up the old wires to the garage and spliced them to the new ones. He and his assistant dug up the wires and found that the wire had been nicked, when they did the wiring and had corroded. He fixed it and everything worked, again. The unusual happening is that everyone came out within a 24 hour period and got the problem fixed promply. No extra charge from anyone. I like living in a small town.

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  1. Nothing better! I grew up just like that. Imagine my surprise and frustration when I moved to the big city. Couldn't get out of there fast enough.