Thursday, June 17, 2010

My New Used Tractor

I probably should call this farm, "Debby's Little Internet Farm." First I found the farm on the Internet, next I bought the truck on Ebay and last night I was negotiating with an individual on the Internet who sells Kubota tractors. He generally sells on Ebay. Last week, I found one of his tractor packages that looked like it might be a pretty good deal, if I could get it at the right price. I wondered if my truck could pull the tractor, loader, bush hog and trailer included in the auction, so I sent him a question on that topic. He said that the package weighed about 7000lbs and so did my truck, so I would need to have it shipped. The auction was to be over about 6am, my time, so I got up early and gave bidding a couple of shots. I didn't hit his reserve price, so even though I was the highest bidder, I didn't get it. I figured, well that is that.

Yesterday, he wrote me and said he had another option, if I was interested. He bought a 2009 L2800HST with 240 hours, from the original owner. It has ag tires instead of industrial, no canopy, and does not have the skid steer attach bucket. It will have full warranty until spring of 2011 and engine and driveline warranty until spring of 2012. It was still more than I wanted to pay, so I told him I was looking for a basic tractor, loader and bush hog. He came back with a much better price. It was in my ball park. I asked him if he could throw in a trailer for a bit more. He gave me a good price for that, too. I told him we had a deal and went to sleep. It was 4 in the morning and we had been writing back and forth since 1:45am.

This morning I got up and found a couple of emails from him in my junk mail folder. One telling me how to send the $500 deposit and another wondering if he had lost me. He told me that he will collect the rest of the money when he brings the tractor and I have a chance to look at it to make sure that it is what I want. He will show me how to take off and put on the attachments and he will also teach me how to drive it. I'm sure that he and I will have a good laugh before I'm finished. I really feel like someone has been watching over me.

Isn't she a lovely shade of orange?
My Tractor


  1. My hubby is green with envy. :)

  2. Tell him that if he wants to try it out, I have some very tall grass that needs to be mowed. ;-)

    One of my co-workers said, "That is REALLY orange. I guess he only thinks a JD is a tractor.