Saturday, June 19, 2010

New Used Tractor, Part 2

I emailed the gentleman with my tractor to make sure he had received my deposit and told him I had already added the tractor to my blog. I gave him the web address. He wrote back and told me that he had something to add to my story.


You can add this to the story.

In Sept. 2008, I delivered a L3400 kubota, bushhog, boxblade and trailer to Mark Sethre at 14332 Klass Rd. Coal City, IN.

Can you believe that?

I knew Coal City sounded familiar, then when I saw the pictures on your blog, I thought that looks familiar. I went back on my records and found the info where I had sold Mark a tractor, and sure enough, address was the same.  Mark had emailed me and told me he was moving awhile back, but what are the chances of this happening?

You have a beautiful place!


What are the chances of a woman in Iraq buying a farm in the middle of nowhere and then buying a tractor from the same person who sold the same tractor setup to the former owner of that same farm? Small world.

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